The Holocaust: The History Of The Holocaust

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In the years of 1933 to 1945, many big events happened. Events like World War II, the Holocaust, how Hitler rose to power and the Final Solution. These events were extensive, horrendous, and treacherous for everyone who was involved. The Holocaust was where over 11 million Jews and ohter undesirables were executed. It was a hard time, and Hitler wanted it all to happen. When he rose to power, the whole world changed.

The Holocaust was the worst occurance that happened that century. It was a time of horror and destruction. Many people died for no reason. Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jewish race. After the Holocaust ended, countries around the world made sure they made their government to where no one could over power it like Hitler did. The Nuremburg Race Laws were made to seperate the Germans from different races who Hitler thought were undesirables. Hitler became chancellor of Germany in the year 1833. That is when the Holocaust was starting. He made unessescary laws, so he could get rid of the undesirables.

We had almost the same problems here in the US. But the laws we had...
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