The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust 1) Newsletter of the Blond Champion This

was a newsletter written by a very anti-Semitic writer named

Lanz. The newsletters were actually a series of pamphlets

written over the course of three years. Hitler frequently

bought the pamphlets, which described history as a constant

battle between blond Aryan heroes, and dark, hairy

ape-men. Lanz sometimes identified the ape-men as Jews,

and he predicted that pogroms would soon come. He

promoted the swastika as a sign of racial purity, and

eventually raised a swastika flag over his castle. He may

have been the main person who set an impression in Hitler’s

mind that Jews are inferior, and a threat to society. Due to

reading Lanz’s outlook on the Jews, Hitler concluded that

diseased, filthy Jews would steal and abuse innocent young

Aryan girls. 2) Protocols of the Elders of Zion This was a

book brought to Germany and to Hitler by a Russian émigré

named Alfred Rosenberg. It claimed to unveil the plans of a

secret international Jewish conspiracy to take over the

world. It was a pure piece of fiction, that was the new

backbone for anti-Semites. Many anti-Semitic people

commented on the Protocols. It was first brought to

Germany in 1920, and by the end of 1920, there were

already 120,000 copies sold! 3) Mein Kampf This is a book

written by Adolf Hitler while he was in prison during

1923-24. In it, he portrays himself, at age 35, as a great

intellectual and political figure. His single purpose was to

write about his personal greatnesses, and about his plans to

take over Germany so he can get rid of the Jews. He takes

much credit in Mein Kampf, he doesn’t mention the fact that

his parents, Lanz, and others influenced him a lot. He

describes all of his ideas about the “Final Solution” to get rid

of all the Jews in Germany, and then on to all the Jews in the

World. He also talks about the perfect race of Aryans,

blond, blue eyed, broad shouldered Germans, and about

promoting the spread of anti-Semites all over the world. 4)

Bolshevism This was a policy held by Bolsheviks, a party

that brought violent revolution to Russia in 1918. Hitler saw

that there were many Jews involved in Bolshevism, so he

used that to prove his point that Jews were out to rule the

world. 5) Nazism- Nazi This was a political party also

known as the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s party.

It consisted of perfect German Aryans who had one goal in

life- to wipe out all existence of Jews. Their anti-Semitic

influential leader was Hitler. 6) Fichte Johann Gottlieb Fichte
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