The Holocaust

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There are many evils in the world. Some are older than others, some have been partially defeated, but there is one that has occurred since the beginning of time. Murder. Ever since Cain killed Abel the human race has escalated its level of murder even unto the point of manslaughter. Although many men and women have committed this crime, no human can murder another human without being influenced by another human. A leader, perhaps, could be the cause of this terrible action. For Russia it was Stalin, for Italy it was Mussolini, for China it was Chairman Mao, but for Germany it was Adolf Hitler. His leadership for Germany caused one of the greatest massacres in history; the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the small town of Braunau, Austria. “He was the forth child of the third marriage of Alois Hitler,” his father. When Adolf was born his father was 51 years old, and his mother, Klara Pölzl was 28 years old. Throughout Adolf’s schooling years he had good grades up until high school. Once he got into high school his grades plummeted which irritated his father who had high hopes of Adolf one day becoming a civil servant. Adolf had no interest in becoming a civil servant nor did he have any interest for school; he wanted to be an artist. While he was chasing his dreams of becoming an artist, Adolf moved to Vienna where he was aspiring to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. After failing the entrance exam twice, he stuck to just trying to sell his art. While living in Vienna, the capital of Austria-Hungary, Adolf became very interested in politics and started growing a deep hatred for Jews and Slavs. Little did he know that his hatred would someday wipe off almost an entire race of people. In August 1... ... middle of paper ... ...amp to work. Those who were not considered fit enough to work were gassed as soon as possible. That included mostly children, pregnant women, and all of the elderly. If they were too ill to walk or if they were not old enough to be able to walk into the Crematoria were immediately shot in the head. Sounds of screaming and moaning could be heard through the think cement walls as the gas entered the room and the prisoners were killed. “The gas chambers worked to their fullest capacity from April–July 1944, during the massacre of Hungary's Jews” From the middle of May to early July 1944, a total of 437,000 Hungarian Jews were sent to Auschwitz. It was too many people too fast for the five Crematoriums to handle at once, so “the SS resorted to burning corpses in open-air pits as well as in the crematoria.” The selections finally ended on October 30th, 1944.
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