The Holocaust

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Since 1945, The Holocaust has been remembered as one of the worst atrocities known to man in 20th century. During the time of the holocaust many groups of people in German society were persecuted and found themselves a target of discrimination which is now seen as immoral but during this time period was seen as the ‘norm’. The main focus of this essay will be discovering the full background of the Holocaust and how it affected the USA in ways such as economical, social and finally political. Finally during this essay I am hoping to make sure that the full extent of the holocaust is written about so that knowledge of this event is spread and is not forgotten. There is a dispute among historians about when the Holocaust actually started; some consider the date that Hitler came into full power which January 30th 1993 as the holocaust evolved slowly from the Nazi parties’ ideas. However some say it started on December 8th 1941 but it ended on May 8th 1945 when Germany was invaded by the allies. In power during the time of the holocaust was Adolf Hitler and the party that he recreated the “National Socialist German Workers Party” who were voted into power in the January of 1933 and were the main creators of the holocaust. However it has been argued that the main leaders of the Nazi party and those who carried out their orders the S.S officers were not the only ones to blame, the typical German citizen also took part in the brutality and allowed this method to be used and supported widely. The holocaust was the mass killing of millions of people in a systematic way throughout the German society. These groups included a wide range such as the Jewish community; Jehovah’s witnesses; suspected homosexuals; homeless or alcoholics; ethnic Po... ... middle of paper ... the Government did not find the persecution of the Jews and other groups in Germany a priority which meant that the government made it much harder for immigrants to gain entry into the USA. This can be seen when the entry visas were limited by the immigration law made by the US congress. In conclusion the Holocaust is a very important topic in history to learn about because this is the way knowledge can be spread and prevention can occur if anything starts to happen in this way again. The Holocaust shows how mass genocide can still occur in the modern day and what effects it has on not only the population it is targeting but effects it has on other societies such as the USA itself. Learning about the background of the Holocaust is important because this allows us to have a full understanding on how this was allowed to happen and why it was not stopped earlier.
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