The History of the Wisconsin Indians

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The 1989-1991 Biennial Budget established a program that would support school districts’ efforts to give information about Wisconsin Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty. The exact year Act 31 took place was 1989 (information from Act 31 handout/lecture). I would like to teach at the high school level which is the grades nine through twelve. One course would be history. History is a very delicate topic when dealing with Wisconsin Native Americans. I would talk to the Native American students in my class, and I would ask them what they would be comfortable with me teaching. If those students could not make up their mind, then I would talk to their parents. I would also talk to the other history teachers and see what their perspective is on the situation. After doing all of that, I would teach the information that I knew all of my students were comfortable with. Language (2 points). According to the handout given in class under the Wisconsin Administrative Rule, there are 7 total levels of proficiency in English as a second language. Level 1 is the Beginning/Preproduction stage. A pupil is in this level if the individual does not understand English except for a few words here and there. Level 2 is the Beginning/Production stage. An individual is in this level if the pupil can understand and speaks conversational English with hesitation and difficulty. Level 3 is the Intermediate stage where the pupil can understand and speak English in a conversational way with decreasing hesitation and difficulty. This is just a summary of level 3. Level 4 is also summarized, but Level 4 is the Advanced Intermediate stage. In this stage, the student understands and speaks conversational English without noticeable difficulty, but ... ... middle of paper ... ...of Freedom of Speech and of the Press and the other right are to be Different (information from handout). Both parties are exercising their right of Freedom of Speech. Both groups tell how they feel therefore they are using their rights. The individual person is using his or her right to be different. Human choice is such a wonderful thing because everyone has their own opinion therefore it should be a right to voice how one feels and stand out for it. If I was a teacher, I would organize a meeting and let the student tell the group why he or she feels the way they do. I would then let the group tell why they believe they way they do. The situation has to be handled diplomatically because it is a very delicate situation. In all reality of the situation, everyone will never be truly happy, but someone will have to sacrifice something in order to make others happy.

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