The History of Video Games--from Press Start to Game Over

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Have you ever wondered what was the start of the PS3 in your basement? What was Atari and how did it impact the game world? How did Nintendo come into the business from card making to video games? By what means did Xbox leave the box??? Come, and I will show you………….

In the beginning……..

The first real “video game” was developed in 1958, by a physicist named William Higginbotham. It was a table tennis game and is played on an oscilloscope, a device used for visual displays. While some big name games, companies, and events had, yet, to happen, it sparked the video game industry. These paragraphs will guide you through the many years of games. As Mario would say, “Lets‘a go!!”

Early years (1961—1972)

Things start when the first interactive computer game---- SpaceWars (created in 1961) ---- is visited by the eventual founders of Atari--------- Nolan Bushnell & Ted Dabney------ and attempt to make an arcade version of the game in 1970. Next year they succeed, but the public finds it too hard to play. In 1972, a console named “Odyssey “is released, marking the first ever home console to be released. Later in the same year, Atari is founded. The name “Atari” is equivalent to “check” in a chess game. A man named Al Alcorn is hired to program games for Atari. Pong is the first one programmed. (It would have been called Ping-Pong, but that was copyrighted).

We have Launch. (1977-1980)

In 1977, Atari starts its claim to fame with the first ever cartridge-based console, the Atari 2600 (sold for $249.99). However, in 1978, they attempt to enter the computer market to compete with Apple. They are not taken seriously and don’t succeed. The same year, Midway makes Space Invaders, the first arcade game to track high scores. I...

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