The History of The Holocaust

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According to Kaplan, some methods used to exclude or eliminate Jews from the German society includes motions such as dehumanization, anti-Semitic laws, the ordering of the Jews to wear the star of David, Kristallnacht ( the night of the broken glass), and last but not least Genocide. With all the motions and cruel acts that took place in order to eliminate and separate a deserving race from another, this movement takes place as one of the cruelest amongst others. Hitler’s organization of the Nazi party was merely based on the unhappiness of his life and a way of blaming others for his mistakes in his life. To be such a passionate, well-spoken leader, one would think his talents and skills could have been used for something other than cruel acts that he has done to millions of innocent individuals. Dehumanization of Jews was a campaign led by Hitler and his Nazi government that basically demoralized the image of the Jewish community in many people’s eyes. Hitler blames the Jews for all of the economic and social issues that Germany was experiencing at the time. The propaganda was to dehumanize Jews by claiming them to be an inferior race while laying down the foundation for anti-Semitism, leading up to the elimination of the Jewish community’s freedom and rights that were rightfully entitled to. This movement excluded them from society through media; poster, newspapers, cartoons, and etc. that dismantled the image of Jews causing nothing but hatred, violence, persecution, and humiliation of the Jewish race. The result of this process left the Jews in Poverty, devastation, and the biggest event that Hitler was responsible for; Genocide. As far as anti-Semitic Laws, the Nazi governments were responsible for regulating this mov... ... middle of paper ... ...m such acts of Jews; Homes and synagogues. Hitler and the Nazi regime had caused more damage than imaged. Many were killed while others were sent to concentration camps. This order given out by Hitler is known a Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) due to the broken Glass left behind from the destruction that the Germans had caused and to no surprise, Jews were ordered and forced to pay for all the damages. These are only some of the many ordeals that the Jews had experienced during this time. Hitler had created a system of hate and that hatred spread like wildfire. Kaplan is providing somewhat an imagery of what the Jews endured. The Jews suffered through humiliation, dehumanization, and just devastation as a whole due to their racial differences and their state of easily being blamed for all the mistakes that seemed to be taking place at the time.
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