The History of Solar Energy

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History Of Solar Energy

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The Goal 2

Selection Of Sources 4

Application Of Information 5

Achieving The Goal 8

Reflection On Learning 9

The Goal

The topic of my personal project was the usefulness of solar energy over the period of humankind. I touched upon the basic uses of the Sun for our environment, and also the ways that us humans have been manipulating the Sun’s energy for reasons of luxury and survival. More specifically, how humans have taking advantage of and the Sun for heating, survival, and electrical use over the history of humankind.

I find that I am very attracted to the idea of renewable resources, and what us on Earth have been able to find out about the Sun over the course of history. Therefore, I determined that for my personal project, I would find a way to discuss and elaborate on not only how modern humans nowadays use the Sun for luxurious reasons, but also on a more simple scale, such as heating, survival, and the such. I also determined that the best way to show how far humankind has come with researching renewable resources was to go into history, and study how the history of the research have encouraged us to research further, leading to newer, more interesting discoveries throughout the years.

I decided to choose the Area Of Interaction of “Community & Service” for my Personal Project for many various reasons. Firstly, by choosing this Area Of Interaction, I believed that the best way to provide support to the community while giving them relevant information on my topic of solar energy was to make my own solar panel, record the steps I took to make the solar panel, and showcase it to the community...

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...t I didn’t know about solar energy before this project, and that I knew only a sliver of what was out there to be learned before I made my pamphlet. I believe that this project has expanded my knowledge on not only solar energy, but also renewables as a whole.

I believe also that now, I can realize that our lack of non-renewable resources such as coal helped to also persuade me to want to go against non-renewables. I learned that by some statistics that the non-renewable resource that coal is will not exist on Earth / be able to be mined in less than a century; which was a surprising statistic that I put in my pamphlet in order to get the same reaction from the audience that I would be confronting.

From the research that I have done, I also realize that I’ve grown quite the interest into learning more about the other renewable resources out there like geothermal.
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