The History of Religion

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Religion is an organized collection of beliefs and world views that is related humanity to an order existence, why we are here. Many different symbols that are intended to explain the meaning of life, existence, and explain the origin of or the universe. Religion are different from their beliefs about the cosmos and human nature. There are many different religions around the world and many different beliefs. There a lot of religions that lasted through brutal war and many different religion wars which are called crusades.
Egyptian religion guided everything in Egypt. Egyptians believed in many different gods such as Osiris which is the god of vegetation and the underworld. That means that they are polytheistic which means that they believed in many gods. They had more than 2,000 gods and goddesses and maybe many more than that. Egypt has many different beliefs and rituals which was part of the ancient Egyptians society such as the afterlife ceremony. The Egyptians could interact with multiple of different gods and goddesses, who believed to be present in and in control of nature and life. The myths of the gods were meant to explain why they were here and why the different forces were here. The religion was to provide for them and gave them their favor.
Mummification was one of the different kinds of rituals that part of the ancient Egyptian society. Mummification is a type of preservation of the dead that was practice by ancient Egyptians. The mummies were put in tombs or pyramids. The Egyptians also believed that what you put in the Pyramids, they could take with them in the afterlife such as gold, food, and even slave. The process was just for royalty but close to the end of ancient Egyptian society could be mummified because t...

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