The History of Hunting

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Hunting has always been a very diverse activity. Hunting has been used mostly to survive. Weapons have also had many changes since hunting has begun. There are over 1,000 different types of weapons used in the game of hunting. Hunting has a history that has changed dramatically, and will always be changing.
Hunting has been a part of life since the First Era. Whenever men would go hunting during this time the role of women would be to clean and prepare the meat that was hunted. During this Era hunting was not a sport the game was only hunted for the meat, pelt, and the bones. When tribes would hunt for big game the one warrior that killed the game would be considered the bravest out of all in the tribe. The major weapons the tribes would use to hunt would consist of slings and spears made of wood and stone. There was a really small amount of weapons during this time frame.
During the Second Era the role of men hunting and women preparing the meat changed, if the women was strong and fit enough to hunt the tribe would let them hunt with them. During this time hunting was starting to become a sport .Sport hunting means to hunt the big game so u can frame the antlers or the head of a big buck. When hunting for even bigger game like bear if a big bear is killed, it can be taken to a taxidermist and it could be used as a decoration. The weapons didn’t change very much in this time frame.
The type of clothing that you wear depends on what kind of game that you are hunting. When hunting deer you need to wear clothing that has sent block material. The color of the clothing has to be camouflage it is demanded that an orange vest or a bright orange hat. When hunting small game such as squirrel or rabbet you do not have to wear scent blo...

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...iver attached to the bow, the cheapest quiver that you can buy start around $75.00.
Many hunters chose to hunt from a blind when hunting turkey or any bird. When you are trying to locate a portable blind you should be looking for the natural habitat of the game that you are hunting. When you are sitting in the blind while hunting you have to wait for the game to come to you. Permanent blinds are normally used for duck hunting. A good place to build a permanent blind is close to or by a pond or a river. There is another blind called the pit blind which are simply jus holes dug into the ground covered in weeds and grass. Blinds can be simply just be made of a pile of sticks or grass, which the hunter would kneel behind. When blind hunting with a shotgun and a bird flushes from behind weeds you aim in front of the game so that the game runs into the shot of the gun.
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