The History of Euthanasia

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Euthanasia has been a part of societies since 5th Century B.C. in ancient Rome and Greece. The concept of euthanasia was considered to be tolerant before the creation of Christianity. Pagan physicians would do both voluntary and involuntary mercy killings. Although the Hippocratic Oath prohibited doctors from giving drugs to kill anybody, not even if asked for, or from suggesting such an action, few ancient Greek or Roman physicians followed the oath. Though there was a wide spread support of voluntary death throughout the Rome and Greek territories. (ProCon.Org) During the 1st Century A.D.-16th Century A.D. the rise of Christianity was blooming throughout Europe. According to the website article “History of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide” by Ian Dowbiggin, “the science and ethics of Christianity in the middle ages was that voluntary death was considered rare and was not used as a regular practice.” The Christians believed that the human life is in the hands of God which had strengthened the belief in The Hippocrates Oath. The “Father of Medicine” stated in his Hippocrates Oath “prohibited doctors from giving 'a deadly drug to anybody, not even if asked for,' or from suggesting such a course of action, few ancient Greek or Roman physicians followed the oath faithfully.” Like the Christians, the Jews had opposed the thought of euthanasia. Both religious groups that of euthanasia as suicide. Suicide was reflected to each group as sinful. (ProCon.Org) In the 17th and 18th Centuries, the renaissance was beginning to prosper and these enlightened thinkers started to question the church and their spiritual devotion to the beliefs of Christianity. Dowbiggin also noted that many of these thinkers wrote letters ... ... middle of paper ... ...y years to come. Works Cited Euthanasia: Overview. By: Newton, Heather, Points of View: Euthanasia, 2013 The Black Stork published in the Chicago Herald Tribune on Apr. 1, 1917 National Public Radio (NPR) "The Black Stork: Movie Ads," (accessed May 8, 2009) Source: (accessed May 5, 2009) (accessed May 5, 2009) Source: The Black Stork published in the Chicago Herald Tribune on Apr. 1, 1917 Ian Dowbiggin, PhD A Merciful End: The Euthanasia Movement in Modern America, 2003 Historical Timeline - Euthanasia -" ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. Niagara County Community College Login." Login. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Jan. 2014. Websites:

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