The History of Chemistry and Its Influene on Technology

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We have been on this earth this earth for thousands of years. One thing that has been so important in society is chemistry. Chemistry has changed a lot of ways how humans lived on earth, it has helped people understand the biology of life. one thing that has been so influencing and effective to life and chemistry is the periodic table. The periodic table was found in 1871 by Dimitri Mendeleev, this is the most important thing to science. Chemistry has tied a lot to technology in society. Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, craft, systems, and methods of organization in order to solve a problem.Without these things we wouldn't be where we are in society today. Chemistry and technology has affected life and still to this day it is changing things in the world. Things were different in society before the discovery of chemistry. Natural resources in the world limited things and advanced things in technology it is still affecting things in technology, and chemistry will have a huge impact on technology in the future. People could only imagine how life would be if we didn't have chemistry. This has really affected how we live in life now.

One thing about chemistry and life is that society was different before it was discovered. It all changed by 1000 BC when ancient civilizations used technologies that would soon form the basis of the branches of chemistry. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties and change of matter, and there are mainly concerned with atoms and their interactions with other atoms. This has played a big part in technology. before it was discovered people were living without television, cars, telephones, computers, video games, camera's etc. commun...

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...icate without cellphones and computers. Sounds funny, but the direction technology is going anything is possible. I think the impact of technology in the future will be enormous.

In closing chemistry and technology has had a lot of involvement in society today. chemistry has changed how humans lived and helped understand the biology of life. Technology has helped people in society communicate travel and live in life. without natural resources we wouldn't have the things technology has provided for humans in society. also without important people such as Dimitri Mendeelev who discovered the periodic table of elements which helped people understand elements in life. Some elements such as silver, gold, iron, carbon, calcium, and many other elements have helped technology and society. One thing that chemistry and technology has did was change the world and how we live.