The History of Chemistry: Chemistry is True Science

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Chemistry plays a key role in every branch of science. It has even been dated to times as early as the Prehistoric Era, and all the way up to now, the Present. We use Chemistry on a day to day basis. From Jewelry, to Fire-Works, Soap, and also, even the food we eat. Often people look at Chemistry and are bored because of the information they may not know. Science is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes and explore the world of Science. There is more to Chemistry than meets the human eye, and there are several topics many people do not know the answers to.
Society was very different before Chemistry. It dates all the way back to 1000 BC. Civilizations began to use Chemistry as a way of life, developing new technology that would eventually lead us in to the present day. So what was the world like before Chemistry you might ask yourself? Life before Chemistry was much more difficult. Ancient Civilizations did not know which chemicals to pair with what, leaving them with lives that were much more difficult than what was needed. After the discovery of Chemicals, and the use of sci...

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