The History of Boxing

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Boxing can be pretty dangerous because you can get concussions, broken hands,ribs, and noses.
I ended up choosing to write my essay on the history of boxing, and some facts about boxing. The reason why I chose to do my essay on boxing is because it is the only sport I am interested in, it is the only thing I am good at. I hope this essay helps you learn stuff about boxing that you never knew before. If you are against boxing I hope this essay helps you understand why people go into it. I also hope it helps you appreciate the sport a little more.

Boxing History tells you about when and how boxing was started, and who gave it its rules, and why they did. Boxings history is really long(2003).
Boxings history goes all the way back to ancient Greece, and Rome. Boxing back then was pretty brutal because all they did was taped leather to their hands(Jezek,2013). Bare knuckle boxing tournaments or contests were held all over england. Jack Boughton developed the very first set of rules for the sport and he published them in 1743 because he killed one of his opponents in 1741 (Boxing Today, 2003). According to Boxing Today the most revolutionary change for the sport of boxing occurred in 1856 when John Sholto drew up new rules for boxing which basically made the sport into what it is today (2003). One really important safety wear was created by a London dentist, Jack Marles(Boxing Today,2003). The piece of safety equipment that he made is now known as the mouth guard. The establishment of the National Boxing Association in 1927 ensured a fair governing body that looked into the game and it’s success (Jezek,2013). Boxing was once a very gruesome and brutal sport before they got better rules and safer equipment.

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...riety of contact-related injuries you can experience. Not all of the injuries are from getting hit but by hitting your opponent. You can break fingers, hands, or wrists from punching your opponent wrong. The long term injuries are way worse than the short term injuries because the short term injuries heal, and the long term injuries don’t heal. The long term injuries don’t heal because its from being hit to much and it’s neurological damage(,2014). Those were some of the disadvantages that come with boxing.

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