The History of Apple Computers

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Apple began on April 1 , 1976 and it was incorporated in 1977. The first apple computer which was called Apple I was invented by Steven Wozniak. In 1984 Apple next launched the Macintosh. Then a few months after they launched the Macintosh was launched they introduced the LaserWriter it was the first post script laser printer that was sold at a price that was affordable. In the 1990’s Apple decided to get together with IBM and Motorola. Their goal was to create a new computing platform for their company .

In 1997 Steve Jobs announced that Apple would join Microsoft to release new versions of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. In the same year Apple introduced the Apple Store. In 2001 Steve Jobs decided to launch a number of Apple Stores throughout the U.S. Apple reinvented the consumer desktop when it released its flat panel iMac the next year. In 2003 Apple released iTunes for Windows. Apple has been successful with the numerous of products they have produced throughout the years.

The key points for Apple is being sentimental friendly, they focus on the environmental footprints and renewing energy. The first key point I will discuss is environmental footprints. They are able to measure this by using a comprehensive life cycle analysis. To decrease the amount of carbon footprint they use less materials, ship with smaller packaging, not having plenty of toxic substances, and be as energy efficient and recyclable as possible.

The second key point for Apple is renewable energy their goal was to achieve 100 percent of renewable energy which they have accomplished. In their data center in Maiden, North Carolina they have several approaches of energy efficient element designs. Two of their energy efficient designs were a chi...

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... position of an innovative industry.

My plan will be integrated into the company by personnel integration because it is geared towards everyone that works within the Apple Company. This will be a good thing that helps departments work together and increases efficiency.

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