The History and the Future of Christianity

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The History and the Future of Christianity I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago that is located in the southern part of the Caribbean. Christianity is a way of life me back home because it's the most popular religion in my country. Christianity was first brought to our country by the England, who would colonize our country. During these times our country was inhabited by native Indians tribes. They were the Caribs and the Arawarks. When we were colonies by the English, they killed most of these Indian tribes who lived on the island. Judaism had a great influence on Christianity because most of Christianity teaching came from Judaism. Judaism and Christianity have the same thing in common for instance, they both believe in a supreme being called GOD and the basically have the same teaching of him and his son JESUS. Also they believe that God send him only begotten son to save the world from sin, his named was JESUS. JESUS was born in Jerusalem in c.4 b.c.e his parents were Mary and Josephs and he die in c.29c. In the early part of Jesus' life he was referred to as the messiah. The word "Messiah" means "anointed" and is referred to the ceremony of anointing a new king with olive oil. Jesus was known performing merciless healing to people on the street. After Jesus death his disciples wanted to continue his teaching so they created the books of acts. The Apostle Saint who wrote it was Peter and Paul. They wrote the books to spread the word and teaching of God all over the world. Today what we know about Jesus and Christianity is in the new testaments. The new testaments which are know as the Christianity core is use in religion ceremony all over the world. The new testaments consists of four parts, the Gospel which describe the life and teaching of Jesus, the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles which the evangelist were carry out by Jesus disciples Matthew, mark, Luke, and john. The act of the apostles tells of the instant spread of Christianity. The epistles are the letters to early Christianity, primarily written by Paul. In the time of 1500s the Christianity churches split into different parts because some bishop did not want to follow the same practices of the other churches, so they split and two branches of churches were form.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that christianity is a way of life in trinidad and tobago because it's the most popular religion in their country.
  • Explains that judaism and christianity have the same thing in common. they believe in a supreme being called god and their only begotten son jesus.
  • Explains that the new testaments are used in religion ceremony all over the world. the gospel describes the life and teaching of jesus, the acts of the apostles, and the epistles.
  • Explains that constantine was born to constantius chlorus by his first informal marriage, called concubinatus, with helena, a woman of inferior birth. he grew up under the influence of his father's ideas.
  • Describes how constantine turned the history of the world into a new course and made christianity into what it is today.
  • Explains that the anglican church originated in england under king henry the vii.
  • Opines that the problem in the catholic churches today is the abuse of young children. the roman catholic church is under the most speculation.
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