The History and Events of the Olympics

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The Olympics is a series of different sports and events categorized into summer and winter sports.

The first Olympic Games were in 1776 B.C. They were dedicated to the Olympian Gods. The specialists think that the Olympic Games owed their purity and importance to their religion. If you win the Olympic Games the Herald would loudly say the name of the Olympic winner, his father's name, and his homeland. The Hellanodikis places the holy olive tree wreath on the winner's head. The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece. We don't know exactly when the first Olympic Games were exactly played. In the first 13 Olympic Games there was only one event, the one-stare run. Later more sports were added like jumping, javelin, sprint, discus, and wrestling.

The events were splited into two the ones in summer and the ones in winter. In archery there is an individual 70-meter men competition. There is also a 70 meters team competition. They also had the same in the women's category. In the Olympic Games they use the metric system. Table tennis has the same events in men and women's categories. They both have singles and team events. It was added to the Olympics in 1971. The game was first played in the Olympic Games in 1981. Jumping on a trampoline became an Olympic game in Sydney in the year 2000. In the men and women's category both have individual competition. Football or (Soccer) was the first team game to be added to the Olympic Games. It was added to the games in the year 1900 exactly a year before the trampoline events were added. In water polo women were not permitted to participate until the 2000 Olympic Games. It is the two same events for men and women 1 team event each. Fencing is somewhat like sword fighting. Men's eve...

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...mpic Games is 202 countries in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games in Athens.


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