The History Place - Rise of Hitler: Hitler in World War I

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As the 12th century proverb says, Rome wasn’t built in a day, meaning all great things, good or bad, needed time and contributions to happen. Many factors contributed to the start of Hitler’s rule and eventual destruction, including the ironic ‘war to end all wars’. World War 1, was a great contributor in the rise of Hitler’s power in part that Hitler was a soldier in it. WW1 had just begun and Hitler was drafted to fight. He was always eager to fight and volunteer for dangerous missions, while never complaining about the harsh conditions or asking for leave. Although many people saw him as a brave man he was also seen as odd, and because of this he was ironically not promoted to be a sergeant because he 'lacked leadership qualities' (The History Place - Rise of Hitler: Hitler in World War I). Although he was usually lucky in staying safe in the war, he was wounded in the leg in 1916 and was hospitalized in Germany. Once he was healed he was drafted to light duty in Munich, where his hatred and obsession had sparked. There in Munich he saw many things that repulsed him, “ He was appalled at the apathy and anti-war sentiment among German civilians. He blamed the Jews for much of this and saw them as conspiring to spread unrest and undermine the German war effort.” (The History Place - Rise of Hitler: Hitler in World War I). Hitler's obsession began to grow as he saw what the destroyed and apathetic Munich looked like and began to blame it on the Jews. He believed that they wanted the worst for Germany and were just all evil. Then during his time back in war in 1918, he was blinded with British chlorine gas, a gas that caused several issues, if its original attempts of death did not work. This gas blinded Hitler leaving him to need ...

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...and for inflation and other economic issues to start. Then in 1929, the great depression hit the United States, another factor. The United States lost billions of dollars leaving millions of Americans devastated and in need of help. Many Americans were struggling to survive in this time with prices rising, incomes lowering, and the unemployment rates rising. All money that was saved up in banks including all life savings were lost and that left people demoralized. This effect even went across the ocean affecting Germany. The loans going to

Germany’s government became weak because they were unable to fix the poverty and destruction that was happening. This weakened government made it easier for Hitler to go into rule because the Germans longed for a president who could fix this issue.

Hitler at this time had attempted many times to become ruler in Germany.

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