The History Of Wembley Stadium

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One of the most historical places, which hold so much history and tradition, is Wembley Stadium that is in the heart of London. This stadium was first introduced in 1923 and was destroyed for renovation in 2000. It was re-introduced back in 2007 with the stadium holding around 90,000 people. The ‘Old Wembley’ as it was known back in the day was the venue when the England national soccer team won the World Cup in 1966 by beating West Germany 4-2. Last year, the venue celebrated its 90th year anniversary.
The view as you are entering Wembley Stadium is one of those iconic moments because you see a great view of the stadium, with the arch at the top of the stadium. This is the venue where England plays their international soccer matches and it also hosts various tournaments including the Olympics in 2012. Other sports that are accommodated inside Wembley are American Football, Rugby and horseracing as well. Besides sports, Wembley has also hosted music concerts from the likes of Muse, Madonna and U2.
People always say when you are going to witness a concert or a match in Wembley Stadium, then the walk that you have to take from the bridge to the stadium seeing the lovely view is God’s gift to the people of England. You can see the reaction on the television of the supporters inside the stadium which makes people want to go there and relive the atmosphere. It falls in 21st position on the all time biggest stadiums by capacity and is also the 2nd largest stadium in Europe behind the Camp Nou, which is owned by Barcelona.
Many people that have visited the stadium will know about the ‘Wembley Way’ that is a series of roads that links to Wembley Stadium. This is where thousands of supporters walk to get to their event as the road leads ...

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...xt event?
Soccer players in England say that playing in Wembley is the ultimate dream of every English boy. They say it will provide you with that extra honor that you have played at Wembley Stadium. It is a once in a lifetime experience when you get to play in Wembley or witness something extravagant over there. It becomes a part of your life.
As we are talking about various events that has happened have created lots of inspiring and jaw dropping moments that people will remember for ages. These are ‘where were you’ moments that defines where were you when this thing happened or what were you doing when it happened? The experience that people get inside Wembley is something heavenly that you cannot experience elsewhere. Many moments such as the underdogs winning, a band performing a song, players scoring amazing goals and many more you get chills down your spine.
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