The History Of Video Games

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The History of Video Games - An Introduction Video games have a vast history that dates back to the 1940 's; they have evolved with computers, often working alongside traditional computational technology for a variety of uses that go beyond entertainment. Most people, when confronted with the prospect of video game history, think back to the arcade games of the '70s and '80s, as well as the clunky home consoles that sat next to their VCR 's. What many don 't realize is that the first video game was created in 1940 by a man named Edward Condon to be shown at the World 's Fair, ( It was a simple game where players had to avoid picking up the last matchstick. Now, video games have become widespread and get more advanced with each passing year. The advances in Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., alone is impressive. There have also been great strides in visual graphics and even things like gameplay and narrative story. It is important to look at the roots of video gaming technology to see just how far we 've come as well as where we will be headed. The following timeline is adapted from the one on the Museum of Play website and elaborated on by me. 1940 - 1960 These two decades are marked with many simplistic games that were revolutionary for the time. This era marks a lot of early A.I. work, including the creation of programs that could play chess against users. This period also marks early patents for shooting games. 1940 - A game named Nim is created by Edward condon. This is popularly considered the world 's first video game. 1950 - Claude Shannon lays out the basics for programming a chess-playing computer. Later this same year, he and Alan Turing each create such a program. 1955- The U.S. military designs a... ... middle of paper ... ... the Nintendo DS took the handheld market by storm. 2005 - Microsoft released the Xbox 360, a console with better graphics, multiplayer capabilities, and popular games to boast about. 2006 - Nintendo tries to break back into the console scene with the Nintendo Wii, a gaming system reliant on motion technology. This made gaming more active, while becoming the best selling family console of all time. 2007 - Rock Band is released and ushers in a new era of rhythm based gameplay. 2008 - World of Warcraft becomes the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) ever, completely chaning the way people interacted online. 2009 - With the advent of the Apple iTouch and advances in smartphone technologies, there is an increase in social games like Farmville and mobile games such as Angry Birds. The market begins to take a sharp turn towards casual gameplay. 2010 - Now

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