The History Of The English Language: The Systemization Of English

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English developed thorough the time since it founded first by Germanic tribes. The English developed through three periods, which knows as, Old English or Anlgo – Saxon, Middle English and Modern English. The Modern English was the basic development at the language in Europe. Few reasons cause the language to be wildly developed, such as the shift in vowels pronunciation, the connection between the British and the outside world and printing invention. According to Linda C. Mitchell, grammar books during Seventeenth century, was including lexicons, and almost no dictionaries. This essay will be about the Systemization of English.
Samuel Johanson wrote the most important and famous book since 1755 "Dictionary of the English Language". This Dictionary was the concrete base of the standards lexicons. Moreover, it noticeable the move in
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Johanson's Dictionary importance came from the large amount of the words that included and defined. In addition, he included a huge citation from different fields to show more explanations. In that period, the dictionaries considered as the first reference to translate other languages. For a long time grammarians were the chiefly answerable about anything relating to English. Lexicographers in Eighteenth century, according to L.C. Mitchell, adapted some methods used by grammarians in their books. Those methods, such words showed with pictures refer to it and words included in sentences. These methods were faced with successful and been liked by all users. Linda explained the lexicons methods from four perspectives. First, visual learning of language, this scheme of learning involve in expressing the word with a picture to make it easy to understand and memorized. It was effective technique of teaching the other languages or these days, almost all children schools

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