The History Of The Culture Of Colombia, Colombia And Colombia

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The Gran Colombian region is located on the northern part of South Central America. The Gran Colombia region consists of Columbia and Venezuela, these countries are most know for their colorful, abundant culture that attracts many. The climate is quite similar in both regions- very diverse. The weather can be very hot and dry at certain times in the seasons, as well as very cold and wet. This regions very intriguing to me because of the vast political and economically issues and developments they have undergone. The strength of it;s peopled powerful nations has left me with a great appreciation for the natives of these countries. Therefore, my knowledge before learning more in depth on these countries was quite limited- giving me this opportunity to learn completely new facts. My knowledge before learn g about this region was mainly assumptions. I assumed this region had a fairly stable government, economy, and market. I had no idea that the problem existing in this region were still going on today; it left me feeling quite disturbed. Before, I had not given much thought about Colombia or Venezuela, because I had no ties or connections to anyone that had lived or travel to either of those countries. In summary, my understanding of the history and culture behind Gran Colombia, was also quite limited. Throughout our time in class learning about this region, my grew a better perspective of the history and background of Colombia and Venezuela. Colombia and Venezuela was seized by General Bolivar, around the year of 1820. The government was quickly named to be a “federal republic” however, strict living and conditions were reinforced in this region the beginning of the development of power within the government and political syste... ... middle of paper ... ...motions that were brought up have made me gain a greater understanding of why these people from his region are more loud and “people-oriented”. The people are very loving, touching, and connected. I will now, make sure I always formally great these people, as it is the respectful hong to do. I also admire the practices these people have of touching and expressing love and compassion. I would like to learn more about the weather in this region- and how it it so diverse in the different areas and locations. It fascinates me about how the weather and location coordinate with each other in this region. In conclusion, this regions very interesting and had many new faces for me to learn. I enjoyed the guest speakers, and learned about current political issues they are undergoing.The culture o these people are very admirable, and I hope to visit this region in the future.

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