The History Of Stone Age

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Questions you might ask yourself about Stone age. Who makes stone age ? How long stone has been out ? Do they still make it? Etc; There’s a lot of questions you might be thinking and asking yourself about stone age. In this paper I will be discussing the history of stone age. Such as what did their art work look like? What is going on in the culture at the time? How are the pieces of artwork reflections of the time? I will be identify important artists of the time and their contributions. And lastly what made Who makes stone age? How long stone age this movement noteworthy? You would be amazed on what you would learn throughout this paper.

There are many different definitions for stone age but these two you can learn more off of . I say that because it give you more examples and describe it so you can understand it better than the others: 1) Stone age is a stone age art illustrates early human creativity through small portable objects, cave paintings, and early sculpture and architecture.2) a period in human culture identified by the use of tone implements and usually divided into three kinds such as Paleolithic , Mesolithic, and Neolithic stages. “The Stone age lasted 30,000-3,000bc and it was named after the main technological tool developed at the time. It ended with the advent of the bronze age and also iron age.”( This art looked like a craved painted art that was a human figured that look most in common with and African art work.

The stone age is divided into three different time periods .for example the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic ,and lastly the Neolithic. The Paleolithic period such as the old stone age is (30,000bc-10,000bc). The Mesolithic period is known as the middle stone ...

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...its nothing like the stone age, I state this statement for many reasons. I say this because they had to do a lot of things to provide for them and their family. This made this movement noteworthy because its very important and its exciting to learn about. Such as how they lived? How they made art and what they had to go through. And you also learn about what happened before you was on earth. As I was doing this paper I learned a lot of things that I would never known.

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