The History Of Steve Jobs

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Information Technology has changed immensely throughout the time. There are different people who can be accredited for the dynamic changes that have touched everyone life and one of the legends to thank would be Steve Jobs. For instances, mobile phones were used for the sole purpose of calling but now the introduction of smart phones has put the entire world in the hand of the users. Now, phones are used for video calls, reminders, using different social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter and so on are some to list. The applications in smart phones has made people dependent for everything possible may it be education, health, news, personal schedule and others. This paper includes brief introduction of Steve Jobs, his…show more content…
Apple has become a household name and all the credit goes to Apple Inc. Steve Jobs born as Steven Paul Jobs on February 24, 1955 is one of the masterminds behind Apple Company. He does not have a college degree but was exceptionally talented and passionate. He was co-founder of Apple along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne who established the company on April 1, 1976. He was the co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board in the company. He was a perfectionist who was an impeccable visionary and remarkably detail oriented. He changed the perception of computers, laptops and other gadgets. The visions of Apple Company redefined the hardware and software of gadget such as smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets, televisions and other electronic devices. It is impossible for mankind to forget the contribution of Steve Jobs for changed peoples life and taking information technology and how we use electronic…show more content…
Steve Jobs was fired from Apple on 1985 due to the disagreement between the then CEO John Sculley. The discrepancy was many about reducing the price of Macintosh that was underperforming and budgeting of the advertisement of Apple 2. He then returned to Apple in 1997. The event of being fired from his own company Apple changed Steve Jobs and gave him time to improvise himself personally as well as professionally. At that point of the time he not only focused on improving himself but he also critically thought about his failure. When he joined Apply family for the second time he changed the company and world with people who he used to work with

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