The History Of Remix Culture

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Remixing allows new ways to develop media, intellectual property and numerous forms of art that innovates beliefs and values. On the contrary remixing has been brought into question as to whether it discredits history and is merely plagiarism - these types of ideas have often been controversial in history. Remix culture is altering digital media by giving society a new way to create and use the past, inducing a new hybrid form of culture. Remixing opens an extensive world for digital media that may not be fully adapted to or accepted by all, nonetheless remix culture is everywhere and has been around for decades. The power remix culture has is inevitable and the recent growth in interest pushes society to look at creativity and digital media in an innovative and progressive way.

Literature Review

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Remix culture can blur the lines of whose work is whose or who was the original thinker behind a particular piece. In the article Panic and Plagiarism by Chere Harden Blair she discusses remix culture as “ ‘creative renewal’ has taken many forms, each one further complicating (or, we might eventually argue, attempting to eliminate) matters of authority and authorship and intellectual property.” (165) Blair examines Manovich’s ideas and concludes how digital media has begun to look at remixing as production equaling authorship making the issue of plagiarism today very clear (167). In addition, Christoph A. Hafners article Remix Culture and English Language Teaching: The Expression of Learner Voice in Digital Multimodal Compositions looks at issues of remix culture and copyright and plagiarism. Here Hafner looks at examples like music sampling that have caused legal disputes over copyright infringements. Remix culture then falls into a legal grey area in culture where one must engage at their own risk (Hafner
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