The History Of Progressive Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson

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The Progressive presidents, Theodor Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, are our forefathers of this movement that is still going on today. The use of journalist and modern technology was one of the reasons so many people got involved and had a voice on how the country was to be ran.
The presidential election of 1912 was an election that established the Progressive Party, or better known as the “Bull Moose Party”. This election also was accountable for 75 percent of all the votes that year. Theodore Roosevelt couldn’t get the Republican Party nomination from the incumbent President Taft (whom he helped get elected in 1909). The loss by Roosevelt was because of the split votes between Taft for the all the Republican Party members.
The Progressive Party wanted to work for effective legislation by preventing industrial accidents, work place diseases to prevent loss of work or bringing illness to the homes of the employees, overworked (one day off every seven days) but not unemployed or underpaid, workplace safety, child labor, and the social security system. Roosevelt was looking to make our government more involved and responsible for the citizens of the United States calling this “New Nationalism” giving the president stronger powers.
“Effective legislation looking to the prevention of industrial accidents, occupational diseases, overwork, involuntary unemployment, and other injurious effects incident to modern industry; The fixing of minimum safety and health standards for the various occupations, and the exercise of the public authority of State and Nation, including the Federal control over inter-State commerce and the taxing power, to maintain such standards (Bull Moose Party, 1912).”
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...elt’s time in the White house. Most of Wilson’s Acts where created because of Roosevelt’s time in office and on the campaign trail. He just sowed he fields so Wilson could harvest. “Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the Warrior and the Priest, according to the author of a classic comparative biography on these significant presidents (Cooper, 1983). Roosevelt, the "Warrior," was the real-life cowboy, Rough Rider, and politician with the ‘big stick.’ Wilson was the scholarly ‘Priest’ who earned an Ivy League PhD and served as a university president (Bowles, 2011).”
This particular campaign (1912) was noted as being the most competitive at the time. An example of how it was progressive, was giving the people a voice and a side to stand on. It makes each party pushing for better ever day on in the campaign. We see this being done today during election periods.
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