The History Of Plastic Surgery

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Nowadays, doctors perform surgeries at a number of free-standing surgical centers instead of performing at hospitals. The best part is that these centers offer friendlier and welcoming settings for the patients to undergo the cosmetic treatment of their choice. If you are interested to learn more about the history of cosmetic treatments in humans, here is a brief overview.

Plastic surgery in the past:
• History suggests that cosmetic surgery procedures are in existence for centuries. The types of plastic surgery and augmentation procedures we see today were already used by surgeons back in the early 1800s.
• Although the tools and techniques used in such surgeries have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, the basics of such surgeries
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They used a piece of cheek skin for this reconstructive surgery. By 1000 AD, there were many surgeons around the world who performed rhinoplasty. The growing popularity of such procedure was also due to the barbaric custom adopted by many kingdoms to cut off the upper lips and noses of the enemy soldiers.
• During the 16th century, Gaspare Tagliacozzi first started nose grafting with the help of the skin flaps of upper arm. Medicine history names him as the father of plastic surgery. He used such techniques mainly to correct the saddle nose deformity in people.
• Gradually, the techniques of plastic surgery became more refined and precise. However, such surgical procedures were categorized under standard therapeutic surgeries. In 1798, Pierre Desault of Greece named such surgeries as plastikos, which means molding. The term plastic surgery was evolved from this Greek name later.
• When anesthesia and antiseptics were introduced in the 19th century, plastic surgeries became safer and easier. The growth of this field occurred significantly during the World Wars. Plastic surgeons learned new skills and used new techniques to improve the look of people wounded during the two world
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Many American surgeons performed such procedures to correct the outer look of patients with any physical deformities due to automobile and industrial accidents. After the war in 1923, the first modern rhinoplasty was performed in America. During the American eugenics movement, many surgeons learned the modern techniques of cosmetic surgery. Later in 1931, a team of surgeons performed the first public face lift.

Gradually, plastic surgeons also learned new ways to augment the breast shape and size in women. In the 19th century, surgeons first performed the breast enlargement procedure by using artificial implants made from rubber, paraffin, ivory and glass. Reconstructive breast surgery was first done by Czerny in 1895. He performed the first successful mammary gland reconstruction on an actress who had undergone a cancerous surgery and removal of a breast tumor. Later in 1903, Charles Miller introduced the breast augmentation surgery in the USA. He used silk floss and silk, celluloid and many other foreign materials to perform breast implants. However, the results were not satisfying. Gradually, surgeons found the successful silicone injections and used them to perform breast
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