The History Of Fast Food

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Sixty-five million people eat at McDonald’s every day. The revenues from the Fast Food Industry have risen twenty percent since 2001(Schlosser). This is a fascinating number which continues to grow every year. America continue to lean on fast food restaurants as a common source of food. The United States is very much a fast food nation. There are many statistics and articles that lead us to believe so.
People relate the history of fast food with the invention of automobiles. Most people think McDonald’s was the first fast food restaurant in America, it was not. The first fast food restaurant was White Castle, which opened in Wichita Kansas, in 1916. White Castle was a popular hamburger joint. Soon after the opening of White Castle, many other
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They are attracted to the free toy that comes with the kids’ meal. The restaurants promise to include a toy with the purchase of one of these meals. “One of the most powerful marketing tools that fast food restaurants use is the promise of a toy with the purchase of any kids ' meal” (Ipatenco). One way that they make these meals even more popular is that they put well know cartoon characters inside the kids’ meal. Children are also attracted to the playgrounds at these restaurants. Fast food restaurants seem fun to children and that’s why they are so attracted to them. Nothing is more fun for a child than getting a free toy with their meal and then going to play in the playground after they eat. On-site televisions that are showing popular shows and movies are yet another way fast food restaurants use fun to get children into their restaurants. One last thing that fast food restaurants do that are important for attracting children is providing contests, free samples, and free giveaways.
The United States is a fast food nation. Americans rely heavily on fast food restaurants each and every day. The statistics of the fast food industry speaks for itself. I know its hard to believe but there are some people in this world that dislike fast food restaurants. These people are trying to stop Americans from eating there. There is nothing that can stop the increasing popularity of fast foods. Fast food will continue to be one of the most popular things in the United States. Looking back on my paper and all the statistics and facts I presented, don’t you think our nation is a fast food nation
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