The History Of Cuba

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Cuba underwent a transformation from an area that was not involved economically to a place where growth was visible. Cuba became a major sugar producer in the world and prosperity replaced poverty (“History of Cuba”). Through this time of success, Cuba took a move toward independence. Its military became strengthened though with that there were tensions that arose due to the level of achievement. The Platt Amendment named after Orville H. Platt was invoked and stipulated the right of the United States to intervene in Cuba’s internal affairs and to lease an area for a naval base in Cuba which weakened Cuba’s growth as a nation and made Cuba become more dependent on its surrounding neighbors as a source of support (“History of Cuba”).
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With that being said, having close family ties are an important part of this loving environment they hope to ensue. This closeness is exhibited by even most of the family living in the same household so that daily duties can be distributed amongst the whole family. On a typical day, Cubans have a light breakfast, a big meal in the afternoon called the almuerzo, and dinner in the evening of which rice, beans, chicken, pork or beef is always served (Hernandez 36-37). One of the popular drinks in the Cuban called is the Cuba Libre which means “free Cuba” and again, is incorporated due to the mix of diversity within the culture (Luis 2001). With the production of such similar meals on a daily basis, they must have a source that is well fertilized and maintained. Thankfully for them, Cuba’s size and climatic advantage allowed the island to become a leader in agriculture (Luis …show more content…

Overall, there are different parts of Cuba that has allowed it to flourish in ways profitable from not only an economic standpoint but also from the perspective of the citizens. From the diverse culture of the country to the average climate conditions, Cuba seems like a location that would be pleasant for tourists yet able to sustain an adequate amount of life. Based on the research, a day in the life of the Cubans would be filled with much hard work, a meal that includes the staple of rice and joyous noises from the music that originated from themselves by being musically inclined. This culture is one that encompasses many parts in order to function though it seems, but it does hold a family oriented structure that allows for a close niche in the community. Despite having to enter many wars and work hard in order to gain complete independence, the Cuban culture has become well oriented and has much stability. Each culture has downfalls and must work through them in order to gain a level of self-discipline, and Cuba is a firm example of how they initially survived in caves and had only wood and stone to create artifacts. There have always been parts of the society that were more advanced in literacy and had sources of income that could allow them to survive. Rituals and ways of survival have been passed

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the cuban government is a communist state and has three main powers: executive, judicial and legislative.
  • Explains that cuba has a mild subtropical climate, tropical storms, endemic vegetation, and animal life. it is the sixth-largest producer of nickel.
  • Explains that cuba's diverse culture and climate have allowed it to flourish in ways profitable from both an economic standpoint and the perspective of the citizens.
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