The History Of Child Labor

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Around the 1900's many historical events occurred that changed the world today. The United States, however, was impacted the most due to famous speeches, new inventions, contemporary laws, and through music, too. For example, child labor was acknowledged as a serious issue that changed the lives of children. Now child labor is known to as work that deprives youths of their daily life or gets in the way of health. During the 1900s child labor reached its peak, and started to change for the better. It took numerous tries and lots of effort to change these rules. Many people were involved in this situation, such as Lewis Hines, who traveled around the United States and took photos of kids at work to protest against child labor. However, in the 1900's many negative events took place that led to the addition of new laws which helped our society today.
It took various amount of tries to abolish child labor, despite the the hardships children went through protesters helped them stop the abuse that was done. A family earned the bare minimum amount of money just enough to make ends meet. Most families who had children working didn't have enough money to buy extra food or clothing. Without their children's help they could stay in serious dept. Dresses and
El Nesr 2 threads cost a little money for this very reason. In the year of 1916, the new federal sanctioned state violators(Child Labor in U.S. History). Stopping the trade of goods if the lowest age possible was violated, caused some people to stop and some to go behind the laws and cheat. The cheating against these laws made problems which caused the creation of bigger and stricter laws. For example, the first attempt to gain federal regulation fail...

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...avoid the that the majority of people started to notice child labor existed as a serious problem.
Child labor changed the United Sates's history for good. Also Child labor has come a long way. U.S. laws have impacted its country today and if many powerful events such as the Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the importance of laws passing, the United States would never have come this far as to having respect for children. These laws even helped the development of shaping the country. "Child labor and poverty are

El Nesr 5 inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor at the end of the time," said Grace Abbot, who used to have the job of a journalist in the 1900's. She helped make an impetus in the minds of people to do something good for their country.

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