The History Of Apple Inc

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In today’s society, our economy relies on businesses and companies, who in turn rely on consumers to purchase and invest in stock. One of the most prominent and expanding companies throughout the world is Apple Inc. Apple is a consumer-electronic producing company that is best recognized for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California, but has expanded to many countries world-wide, selling its products to every age range. Apple has been creating jobs for decades, playing an imperative role in America’s economy, and has proved to be a wise long-term investment for years.
America’s economy has not always been steady, but the companies that are still able to thrive through those hard times often go on to become extremely successful. For example, Apple Inc. Apple was awarded the world’s third-largest mobile phone producer (only after Samsung and Nokia) in 2013, and was later titled as the world’s second-largest information technology company by revenue (only after Samsung Electronics). Apple is a highly successful company in every aspect. iTunes, Apple’s online music store, is currently labeled as the world’s largest music retailer. What accounts for the corporation’s success is the hard work that has gone into Apple Inc. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer. They incorporated the company in January 1977. Both Wozniak and Jobs were college dropouts with inspiring ideas for new technology. Their efforts and perseverance towards renovating the common computer paid off, as they now own a multi-billion dollar corporation. Apple Inc. is still working hard to develop and design the latest breakthrough consumer technologies and electronics, and it all stems f...

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.... has proved as worthy competition for other consumer-electronic producers in the economy. Its stock, at $524.94 a share, has also proved as competition in the stock market. The stock first increased greatly in December of 2007. It dropped in December of 2008, but then took a steady climb up to $667.10 a share in September of 2012. Many people view Apple Inc. as a steady company--based on the stock charts, they are. Those who have invested in Apple Inc. stock are benefiting from it now.
Apple Inc. has played an imperative role in not only America’s economy, but in our society as well. They have brought forward ground-breaking ideas for technology that shape how we interact and work today. Apple has also proved itself as a wise corporation to invest in. Ten years from now Apple Inc. will probably still be thriving and giving society new ideas for shaping technology.
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