The History Of Apple

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Apple Computer is a technology and consumer electronics company based in Palo Alto, California that was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In terms of revenue, Apple is the second largest technology company worldwide. Amongst other accolades Apple was named the most valuable brand in 2013 and the most admired brand in 2008. Apple thrives by making all of their products work seamlessly together and providing top notch customer support that is notably almost completely based in America and Canada.
A year after being founded, Apple became incorporated in 1977 with Roland Wayne out of the picture. That very same year Apple showed their first prototype computer, the Apple II. The Apple II was an instant hit due to how different it was from almost anything else on the market, with new features such as color graphics. The success continued throughout the 70’s and all throughout the 80’s with the Macintosh computer selling quickly. Apple also offered one of the first ever laptop computers for sale in 1989, the Macintosh Portable. This laptop set the standard for the basic design principals of laptops we use today. After years of success and growing a customer base, Apple offered its IPO at twenty-two dollars per share, it is currently worth $561 at the time of writing. The 80’s was also a time for one of the most controversial events to ever occur at Apple, the firing of Steve Jobs. In 1985 the CEO of Apple, John Scully and Steve Jobs, the founder, found themselves in disagreement on many different things, mainly Steve’s tendencies to spend a lot of money on untested products. After a board of directors meeting, it was decided that Steve Jobs position was to be terminated, and Scully would remain...

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...ay. Along with this announcement came a new lineup of Intel powered MacBooks, iMacs, and MacBooks Pros which became huge successes and are still produced today.
While all of these new products were soaring Apple’s profitability to new levels, they were about to change the mobile world with 2 products, the iPhone and the iPad. The original iPhone was announced on January 9th, 2007, available only on AT&T. The idea for the iPhone started in 2005 and was pursued as side project, costing an estimated $150 million dollars in research and development, this phone was going to change the way that people communicated with each other as well as with the internet. The iPhone became available in the United States on June 29th, 2007, and it was an instant hit. Consumers camped outside of Apple stores to be the first to own the phone, most stores were sold out within an hour of
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