The History Of Ancient China

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Confucius once stated, “Study the past, if you would divine in the future.” This means that if you want to get a good idea of your future, then you should study your past. In addition, if you do not study your past then you may make the same mistakes in your future. There are multiple changes that have occurred in China throughout history that shaped the country into its current state. For example, though China was mainly secluded after the communist revolution, it has opened its doors to the rest of the world again. Of course, all of these changes have advantages and disadvantages. Lu Xun and Li Po, who are both very influential Chinese authors, would agree that there are still changes that need to be made. Although China has advanced economically, the country is declining environmentally and socially. Moreover, there is a lack of trust between the citizens of China and the Chinese government. As Confucius stated, China needs to study its history so it can avoid future mistakes. The country should look back at its Sage emperors and their ways to deemphasize political status and focus on moral status.
Ancient China was one of the earliest places of human civilization. The country’s history could be described as a series of dynasties each ruled by emperors. The Han dynasty set the pattern for Chinese history by causing growth in the economy and the promotion of Confucianism as the state philosophy. The Qing dynasty was ruled by Empress Wu, but a rebellion during this dynasty ended the dynasty reign. This led to China in the 20th century which includes the Treaty of Versailles, the People’s Republic of China, and, most importantly, Communism. Sun Yat-Sen, who created the Republic of China in 1912, entered alliance with the new Comm...

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...he goal of communism to work towards the benefit of the whole, many would argue that this is not being accomplished in China today. The information that the Chinese government feed to their people is affecting their citizen’s ability to decipher from what is true and what is false. Government-controlled media compare life in China today to life before liberation, where the people lived in poverty. However, many Chinese people of the younger generation view this as the past and instead compare China to its neighboring countries, such as Japan, which has accomplished much more in the same amount of time. The next generation of the Chinese people is determined initiate a change and perhaps a revolution to bring back the true harmony in China where there is trust and a lack of oppression on civil rights, and in result fulfilling Lu Xun’s wish to, “Save the children...”
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