The History Of Afro-Asian Solidarity In Asia And Africa

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In the histories of many different nations there has was a beginning to each that is just as diverse as the nations and countries that make up this world. Some have maintained and identity that holds still today, some have risen out of the ashes of warfare, and some have been forced into making a decision to fight or assimilate in and against other countries. When it comes to the latter no other regions understand this better than Asia and Africa, now Asia and Africa are vast regions that contain a large majority of population and land area. So much so that all will not be covered, not because they cannot be but because some do not belong in the conversation of this paper. Some cannot hold claim to be instrumental in what is Afro-Asia Solidarity, although the goal of Afro-Asia was to ensure the opposite. Many countries if not almost all located in Asia and Africa were colonized by the pillars of western civilization which led to these regions having a common enemy, the term Afro-Asia derived from the need to support one another as countries began to come into their own or were trying to. At the conception of this idea thing were promising for both Asian and African sides, but along the way something went wrong because in the discussion of Pan Africanism and Anti Imperialism the topic is lesser known and easily disregarded. To provide insight into as why this happened this happened one must set the stage by providing the past circumstances the developed into Afro-Asian Solidarity.The beginning of this struggle has to begin during the age of imperialism, now there where a culmination of events that lead to this age and many countries were to blame. Although before this age of which countries like Great Britain, France, Portugal, and...

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...was condemned to terminate in Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Togo, Madagascar, Yemen, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, Somalia, Algeria and so on. This was the political resolution. In relative terms, the political resolution was a prerequisite for economic independence. To consolidate the political resolutions it was agreed that there should be an organisation to be saddled with the responsibility of the following:  To implement and put into practice the resolutions and recommendations of the conference; To promote and strengthen the common grounds in Afro-Asian political cooperation;  To act as a permanent link among countries in both continents. This organisation became Afro-Asian Solidarity Movement. Each country was to be represented. These Conferences became the shot heard around the world for the different activist of the time, concentrating on America

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