The Historical Progression of African Americans

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Permanent struggle for civil rights by the African Americans accompanied the historical progression of the African American society (Booker T. and Fitzhugh W. 2002). The African Americans had struggled for many years to have the same opportunities as the white Americans. During this time, there was a civil war aimed at liberating the African Americans who had been made slaves by the principal white Americans. However, the civil war did not improve the lives of the African Americans in America. The struggle for equal liberties was a journey that began in the year 1865 and ended in the year of 1876. Today, America is a powerful nation with a difficult past that holds a bright future. People of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds can share the same rights, positions of power, education, and all other functions that were once only for the white people of America. Though African Americans suffered tough injustices in previous years, their commitment and determination enabled them overcome the adversities that they faced on a daily basis and win their battle. Many aspects of African American life such as politics, culture and social development allowed African Americans to gain power in the United States over time. They had displayed much of the same qualities as the white workers in America and would prove that their former life as a slave would not deter them from becoming economically independent and successful in America. Although this did not happen immediately, it shows that they were determined and ready to lead normal lives and take their rightful places in society and in the economy. Several factors had contributed to the historical progression of African Americans. Many social, cultural, eco... ... middle of paper ... ...Nazarene movements. The African Americans built many churches and schools that further expanded their religious faith. Several changes took place during the historical progression of the African Americans. During the historical progression that started in 1865, changes occurred in social, political, economic and religious aspects of the African Americas. These changes took place at different times and each had different impacts to the lives of the African Americans. At first, African Americans were facing political, economic and social oppression from the white Americans. After a long period of struggle and determination, changes appeared in different aspects that made the lives of African Americans better. Oppression ended and the economic position of the African Americans improved since they had gained high literacy levels and could access better paying jobs.
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