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Charles John Huffman Dickens or better known as Charles Dickens was an English writer and social critic. He was born in Portsmouth Hampshire, England to John and Elizabeth Dickens on February 7, 1812. He is the second of seven children two of whom died during infancy. Growing up Charles couldn’t really go out and play with the other town kids as he was a sickly child. He spent a lot of his down time reading books which is where some say his love for literature first began.
As a kid Charles family had debt problems because John wasn’t good with the finances. This is ironic because he worked as a clerk in the Naval Pay Office. Eventually the family debt got so high that two days after Charles twelve birthday he was forced to go work at the Warren Blacking Factory. Charles who at the time was attending day school in Catham had to drop out as his parent couldn’t afford it. Then that same week John was thrown in Marshalsea a debtors prison for failure to pay a debt. The entire family moved into John’s prison cell except Charles. He was put in a boarding house so that he could work to pay off the family debt. The depression and anxiety from being separated from his family and having to live in a boarding house contributed to his ill nature as a child.
However in May of that year the Dickens family was fortunate and Charles Dickens received an inheritance from a distant relative. This was enough to pay the family’s debt off and get his father out of prison. After the bills were paid and John was released, life mostly went back to normal except for Charles who had to continue to work in the factory. Charles hated his factory job and was excited to quit it after the debt was paid off, but his mom though he should continue to work there ...

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... of his book were not published in full instead they were put out in weekly installments. This book ran in Bentley’s Miscellany of which he was the editor of. Though writing wasn’t his full occupation he always kept a full time job as he was scared of being poverty stricken like his family when he was younger.
Charles had a long writing career with a great style of writing. It enthused many people and kept them interested. He continue to write many novels which included A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol. His work is still popular today and he will always be remembered as the great writer he is.

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