The Hispanic Influence in the Phillapines

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We define culture as the manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively (Mangahas). Culture is very important to each country in this world. It is crucial to the makeup of a country and the diversity each country has. Today in the Philippines, the Hispanic influence is seen everywhere you go. In the past, the Philippines governed by both Mexico and Spain. Influences you will see are the language, food, and dance. Influences from the US are the use of English language and the modern pop cultural. Religion is an important part of a country’s culture. Majority of the Filipino population is Roman Catholic. Catholics makeup about 82% of the religions practiced. The next biggest religion is Islam. Muslims makeup around 5% of the population. The majority of the Muslim population lives in the southern part of the country. Today in the Philippines, most people are Catholic and Christian with only a few of the indigenous tribes that practice the traditions of the old days (Hart). Folk religion remains a source of cultural pride among the Filipinos. The Philippine islands consist of over 7,000 islands located about 500 miles of the southeast coast of Asia. You can compare the amount of land to that of Arizona. Not all of the islands are very big because some are only as big as one square mile. Most of the islands have names but as many as one third do not have a name. The largest island of the Philippines is Luzon, which is about 40,420 square miles. The islands are from volcanic origin, meaning that volcanic eruptions formed the tiny islands of the Philippines over the years. Officially, the highest peak in the Philippines is Mount Apo at 9,690 feet. There are a few active volcanoes in the island structure. Earthqua... ... middle of paper ... ... living for their families back in the Philippines. Some of these workers are doing jobs in the medical field, technicians, teachers, and many other things. This is an example of how taking care of your family is making sacrifices to do it. The Filipinos are hard workers and will always place their family first. All cultures are different but also have the same influences as others. We are all different in this world. That is what makes this world a beautiful place to live in. We can learn from each other and experience from each other. Learning just a few things about a country’s culture can better help you understand why some people are the way they are. The knowledge can benefit us in many ways from a military view to even just a tourist view. Having a comprehension and knowledge for cultural self-awareness is important to understanding people in general.

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