The Hip Hop Lifestyle

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Hip hop is a lifestyle with its own language, dress, music and way of thinking that is continuously shifting. Each of the four elements also have a language, dress, music and way of thinking, but they are much closer to each other than to any culture. Now days because break dancing and graffiti has gone mainly underground the words 'rap' and 'hip hop' have been used. bit should be noted that all four elements of hip hop culture still exists. They've just evolved onto new levels. Hip hop was first used by Africa Bambatta (Godfather of Hip-Hop culture, Father of the Electric Funk sound, founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, visionary, historian, and the Master of Records) back in the early 80’s to describe the culture which incorporates: Break dancing, Dj'ing (cutting' and scratching) , Emceeing (rapping). Before that the word hip hop referred to a phrase that MC’s said on the mic. There were different types of rap. Gangsta rap and west coast , This rap reflected on violent lifestyles and backgrounds of inner-city American black youth. Originated in 1980 this started to grow into gangsta rap which had more violence being provoked. New hip hop- 2nd wave of hip hop originated in 1983-1984 with early records like run d-mic and LL Cool J. (Old school). It delivered aggressive, self assertive style. The artist projected a tough, cool street bboy attitude. Hip hop formed during 1970's when block parties became increasing popular in new york, among African American youth living in the Bronx. Block party's included dj's who played popular genres of music, like funk and sound music. Introduced Dj Kool Herc who was considered the father of hip hop. (Picture from www. To be considered “fresh” or good one must combin... ... middle of paper ... ...ll known by alot of people. Rock steady crew, several breaking crews were active in the 1970's such as Mighty Zulu Kings , Dynamic Rockers, New York Breakers, Salsoul, Air force crew.Crazt Commanders Crew, Starchild La Rock, and Rockwell Assocition.(Wikipedia) . SOURCE 1 . N.P,16 November 2013.Web 7 Dec 2013. (Wiki) SOURCE 2: B-girl, Bali. N.p,14 Mar 2003.Web 7 Dec 2013 (Bali) SOURCE 3: Miller, Christopher A.”Hiphop”.2012 (Miller) SOURCE 4: History of hiphopstlye,.N.p,n.d Web. (History of hiphopstyle) Source 5: Hanson,Rachel.N.p,n,d,Web.8 Dec 2013 (Hanson)

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