The Highway Agency in England

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This essay discusses the importance of knowing the business environment together with the social and economic factors that have both a direct and indirect impact on the business world. The following are the three subsections on how the essay is arranged. Firstly, the discussion tackles the abstract and then followed by the introduction of the essay. In addition, the essay also has the body part where all the detailed discussion is done. Finally are the conclusion and the reference part of the essay (Tinsley 2001, p .1). The management for business dynamic done by most companies has greatly changed. However, there is an increasing risk of the penalties of environmental legislation. This has been contributed to, by the management of the business environment which has of late become imperative. Before any company prospers, the concept of environmental management must be followed. This essay discusses the importance of knowing the business environment (STEP) by using and analyzing the needs of the business environment. In particular, it focuses on the economic and social factors which affect the business world, in particular the Highways Agency (Tinsley 2001, p .1). What Are the Importance of Knowing the Business Environment (STEP) by Using and Analyzing the Needs of the Business Environment For any business to be flourishing, the concept of environmental management must be followed properly. In essence, the company must ensure that the goods and services that it produces directly suits the consumers needs and wants better than those offered by its competitors. The concept of environment management is a very complicated task. This comprises of many interrelated parts that the consumers interface with. An environmental management ... ... middle of paper ... ...for the services of the Agency is affected by the social factors as well. During the management of a road network, some of the innovative solutions to the bottlenecks experienced can be managed by the technical developments. Like any other business in the commerce environment, if these factors are understood, then Highway Agency will have its activities shaped appropriately. Finally, many innovations like the ones managed by motorways have brought together many innovations. Works Cited Carkenord, BA 2008, Seven steps to mastering business analysis, J. Ross Publishing, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Snedaker, S 2005, How to cheat at IT project management, Syngress, Boston, MA Tauber, M 1981, Business horizons, viewed 2nd April 2012, . Tinsley, S 2001, Environmental management plans demystified, Rutledge, London.
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