The High School Year Of A Student 's Life

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The high school years of a student 's life have its pros and its cons. It can often time be stressful and overwhelming, but high school should be some of the most fun-filled and memorable years of a teen 's life. There are clubs to join, sports to participate in, prom to attend, and many more fun activities. High school, however, does have a major con, which is bullying. Bullying can be acts of violence such as fighting, or it can verbal such as name-calling, spreading rumors about someone, and a number of many more harmful actions or words towards a person. Whether it is cyber bullying, physical bullying, or verbal bullying; it is not acceptable at all, to say the least bit. Since bullying continues to grow as a major issue in schools, administrators need to start enforcing stricter rules and work to create an environment where every student will feel safe and more comfortable coming to school each day. With that being said, school systems should enforce rules inside schools, but the most effective way to handle bullying is to have a select few to serve on a committee that organizes a zero tolerance movement for bullying. Growing up, many children were taught the golden rule, “Treat others how you would want to be treated.” As students get up to high school they think that rule does not apply any more or they simply forget about it. With bullying on the rise, schools need to take control to put a halt to bullying. Many people do not actually realize how serious bullying is, but teachers see it every day. All schools have a basic set of rules, such as; be responsible, be on time, and be respectful. In another online article, “Rethinking responses to bullying: survey says current prevention approach is ineffective,” Nancy... ... middle of paper ... ...fective way. In conclusion, bullying of any form is not acceptable. Bullying indeed continues to grow as a major issue in schools all around the world today. When schools have their set of rules to go by, students will feel safer. But by having the committees created especially for bullying, they will feel even safer knowing that someone is always there for them throughout the school year. Students will be exposed to a more welcoming atmosphere when they step into the building. Each of these ideas is working towards creating the stable and safe environment students deserve while they are attending school. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students all need to take a stand today to prevent bullying. The solution to bullying starts in the schools with the students, so if everyone can come together as a team, each form of bullying can be prevented in some way.
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