The High School Experience

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9th ELSA at UCLA- ELSA = using chemicals to see if there is venom in roses Chinese - first year 10th english- with partner tried to add another barbie of other ethnisities + computer science 11th LGBTQ field trip, 12th I 've been in Vaughn since day care. I am considered a Vaughn Baby, someone that has always been at Vaughn since a child up till high school. I grew up in this school thus it was logical that when I was entering high school I wanted to move. I wanted to see new schools meet new people, but overall I wanted to experience what most people call the “real high school experience”, being in a large school. Throughout my four years in V.I.S.A I learned that this high school does provide us with “the high school experience” in its own way. Not all high schools have to be the same, it’s best to be unique and be resilient. We don 't have to be like every other high school, because our system works well as it is. Thus has taught me the most valuable lesson and the lesson that I wish I would always remember. During my freshman year, I thought it was going to be like those Disney movies example High School Musical. I thought that we were all going to be like those star students that would do good in all their classes plus have a talent that they are passionate about. When I was in my fifth week of my Freshman year I realized that the idea was all a misunderstanding. I had to work hard to get good grades, which meant many long nights of doing homework, something that is n seen in the movie. The first day of my freshman year my advisory teacher handed me my schedule, we all revised it and then the bell rang. I was of on an adventure to look for my first period. I had to ... ... middle of paper ... ...use we can 't just wait till the teacher or someone else points it out. Don 't be like the saying “ it goes through one ear and comes out the other”. For staff and administration I advise you to set up a book club. Allow us to read a book on our own and analyse it on our own with a little of help. Being in Ms. Burnett’s class and talking about the books that we are reading in class I felt so awkward just speaking out I always wanted to raise my hand and when I did answer I would forget what I had to say. We should have a group that would read the same book together with no assignments attached to them. If the member doesn’t read then they would be out of the group since the reading group is a need for reading. Also the reading group could encourage the students to read more because they would want to participate in discussion with there peers, “ Keep in the know”.
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