The Hierarchy of Criminal Offenses

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Crime, in the world today affects everyone. People everywhere deal with it differently than

others, and also have many different views on how to categorize it. In the United States there are

three levels in which a crime can fall. Depending on the severity of the crime committed, it can fall

into one of these three. The highest level, a crime is considered to be a “Felony”, at the mid-range

they are referred to as a “Misdemeanor”, and on the lowest end, they are called an “Infraction.”

Certain people have different perspectives on a crimes impact on society, and can be biased

depending on the individual; among these many views, three are directly connected to the crime


The first view is from the men and women sworn to protect society, and uphold its laws.

Law enforcement is a very diverse profession, and within it comes many different people with many

different views. However, when the uniform goes on, all prejudices, and biased opinions should be

thrown out the window. This isn’t always the case though , depending on the person they might be dealing with, and the level of crime committed, law enforcement may have a different outlook on the situation at hand. This could be closely related to an officer safety concern, or just the opinion of

the responding official.

When dealing with a criminal, officer safety is always the key priority. When it comes to the

level of crime, officers may take a different approach to the offender. For example: When

apprehending a Felonious offender, an officer may look at the situation a lot differently than they

would with a less severe one. Officer’s know that when approaching someone for a felony, this

usually means a t...

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...tives from anyone are strictly opinionated, and hail from personal feelings.

Weather they are just or unjust, they still depend on the person and their frame of mind, and feelings

toward a certain situation. Culture plays a part in society’s outlook on crime by swaying the views of

anyone involved. It is because of this, law enforcement is held to a higher standard, and has strict

regulations set in place to ensure personal feelings are cast aside, and the investigation is conducted

in a professional manner. Criminals are the rule breakers and feel that nothing applies to them. The

victims however see things the way they feel they need to in order to get the best possible outcome

in their favor. However, when it all comes down to brass tacks, any one person will do or say

whatever they feel to create a better outcome for themselves.
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