The Hidden Curriculum

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Is the Hidden Curriculum the Problem? I believe Anyon makes great points of how our democracy attempts to facilitate its social structure by ways of subliminal teaching methods within our public schools. Anyon describes it as; “ The “hidden curriculum” of schoolwork is tacit preparation in a particular way” (Anyon pg.188). David Lampert described the hidden curriculum within Morris Berman’s piece as, ”the subconscious destruction of democratic values”(Berman pg.68). Anyon exemplifies how the government undermindinly implements, as called in the Roman era, the ruling class, in the present public schooling sector. I witnessed through Anyon, the subtle manipulation of teaching strategies, which aids adolescents thought process to be parallel of ones own social class is critical for the learning development. Anyon depicts in detail the manner of how each child’s mind is mentored differently within each social class to assist their correlations within society. Though Anyon makes imposing lines of reasoning, I do not believe Anyon’s thesis speaks total truth for all learning. I believe the expectation of learning has a great deal to do with a persons learning expectations. If a student were to attend Stanford University, I believe because of the expectation beliefs, the student would be able to accomplish Stanford University work. Verses if that same student were to attend a junior college, they would accomplish junior college work. Now one must understand that there is a differe...

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