The Hero: Odysseus, The Hero

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Odysseus; The Hero
A hero is someone who can make quick, wise decisions for themselves and their teammates. A hero is a leader who makes the challenges easier and successful. Odysseus is a hero that represents bravery, loyalty, and intelligence. To some people, Odysseus is seen as a bad person. They are wrong; Odysseus is a hero. He shows great pride in what he does. He does not give up on anything that means the world to him; his family and his crew. When he uses his strength, mental quickness, and loyalty together, he is a true hero.
Odysseus’s intelligence is what makes him most successful during his journey. He comes up with some of the quickest ideas than anyone else. When he is on Calypso's island, he does not say he misses his wife because he knows that she will not help him get home. Instead, he tells her that he is homesick, so she will help him. “O forlorn man, be still. Here you need grieve no more; you need not feel your life consumed here; I have pondered it, and I shall help you go....” (Homer, 90). Calypso finally agrees to let him go even though she is madly in love with him. Odysseus also shows his great sense of knowledge by thinking of putting wax into his men’s ears so they would not hear the sirens that would put his crew in danger. “Steer wide; keep well to seaward; plug your oarsmen’s ears with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song” (Homer, 670). The most successful idea was when Odysseus and his crew was on Cyclops’s island. Odysseus’s plan for escaping Polyphemus's cave was extremely clever. His strategy was well thought out and successful. His first idea was to get the Cyclops drunk, then he would blind Polyphemus’s eye with a stake, and hide his crew under the sheep when they w...

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...sseus tried his hardest which paid off at the end because he was the only one left alive.
Odysseus is a great definition of a hero. He always knew what his next step was going to be and he has the courage to deal with all the troubles he had to be able to meet his amazing wife and son again. Odysseus made to keep his promise to his family and his men about always making sure they were safe before himself. All the traits that a hero should have, Odysseus has them. A hero needs to be smart to create a well planned idea. A hero needs to be loyal so they will stick to what they said they would do. Last but not least, a hero needs to be brave to accomplish some of the hardest tasks that can get in your way to your destination. Odysseus may have some flaws, but he someone to look up to. When he uses his strength, mental quickness, and loyalty together, he is a true hero.
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