The Helmsley Castle

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The Helmsley Castle

The reasons for Helmsley Castle being built at its location were:

national, because of the Norman’s; regional because of the Saxon

rebellions; and local, to defend the North from the Scots.

In 1066 William the Conqueror arrived in England. He fought in the

battle of Hastings, against the then king Harold. However when William

I defeated Harold, he decided he should be king. When the Saxons found

out about William the Conqueror being King of England the Saxon

population rebelled. The Saxons didn’t like the thought of having a

foreign King, as they wouldn’t understand the English way of life.

Norman’s weren’t in a very strong position after the battle of

Hastings. They didn’t take over London as soon after they arrived in

England, they had problems over his 5000-6000 men and not only that

but they were against 2million hostile Saxons. The Saxon rebellions

were a serious threat to William as they were mainly large rebellions,

and on some occasions the Saxons would be helped by the Vikings or

Scots, they would get Earls to help them fight because they were

experienced when it came to fighting. In nearly every rebellion the

Saxons were often outnumbered, making it hard to defend when a

rebellion took place

The first major rebellion in William I reign occurred 1068. Harold’s

sons led the rebellion. They attacked Bristol after they sailed from

Ireland, but they were defeated and this almost forced William I into

building the first of many castles in Exeter.

The second major rebellions saw rebels defeated from Exeter Castle,

and again Harold’s sons led this rebellion. In 1069 the rebellion was

later named the Harrying of the North. William left commanders in York

and Durham to defend invasions from the Scots. He the built Clifford’s

Tower and Baile Castle. Then the Vikings arrived, but William went

north and defeated them. After this William flattened the North so

people would find it less attractive, and William I thought this would

mean fewer invasions however 20 years later the North was still
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