The Hebrew Bible Analysis

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The Hebrew Bible contains conflicting and insufficient information, which impacts my views about what the Hebrew Bible says and what the Bible means. It has multiple dimensions. It is evident that various scriptures in the Hebrew Bible do not say what it means, nor does it mean what it says. “Ultimately it 's going to take some detective work in an effort to increase findings to enhance interpretation and more.” [6]
I feel that portions of the Hebrew Bible should be modified, re-investigated, re-instated and re-interpreted to include all God 's people, of all nationalities and religions in fairness and justice. Why? Based on the fact, that the Hebrew Bible was interpreted by ancient religious authorities, that held racist values. As a result
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Specialist despite their efforts using the best available tools, have not uncovered any trace of David or Solomon. From this example we should learn to be cautious about grand assertions extrapolated from the biblical text.”[5]
As for me a lot of things remain open. In conclusion I will use the Hebrew Bible if and when necessary, after considering what I have learned thus far about the Hebrew Bible. I also have a better understanding now as to why the elder woman in church expressed to me that the Old Testament is something that is ignored, and to refer to the New Testament for understanding. The authors and I have some of the same shared views about the Hebrew Bible, which make me feel as though I am not alone on my views about some of the dysfunctional writings that are displayed and discovered.
However, according to Knight and Levine, it is written that “if we look again at these texts and others through the lenses of history, we can see so much more. The stories take on brighter colors, the laws find more profound interpretations. If we understand why these texts were written and how their ancient audiences understood them, we can appreciate them more fully. This informed approach is not the enemy of a faith based
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