The Heated Debate Concerning Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

This research paper will focus on stem cell research and the ethical issues that are attributed to this subject. This topic will be narrowed down to Embryonic Stem Cell research in that there is a great debate going on how to conduct this research ethically. The importance of embryo stem cell research is that the research could help save lives and also the debate is that it is morally wrong to kill an embryo due to the fact it still a living organism.

The issue with embryo stem cell research is that an embryo is a living being and should not be used for research, because then the embryo would not be allowed to develop into the living form it is meant to be. This issue is being debated in the government and other political aspects as to whether the research should be done.

The reason there is a debate over whether to do embryonic stem cell research is that we as humans believe that a life should be allowed to live. Ethically is it wrong to conduct research on a living being if it means that that being does not survive. Religion has also gotten into the debate on embryonic stem cell research and proposes that it goes against God’s teachings and that it is morally wrong.

The embryo is still a living being no matter what age it might be and research is taking that embryo and doing research on it killing it in the process and not giving it a chance to be what it should have been. The reason for the debate is whether it is ethical to do research on an embryo knowing that it is a living entity or do the research knowing the research will help many people regardless of the loss of the embryo. It is a matter of trading ethics for the benefit of helping cure the sick. If a woman is having an abortion and the doctor...

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... not have the same properties as embryo stem cells. The embryo stem cell can give research insights into some basics of the human body. LeRoy, (2004, p. 3-38) writes that “Human embryonic stem cell research aims at curing diseases and saving life so as to make persons healthy and long-lived. Researchers and medical workers should embody the moral integrity of kindheartedness, beneficence, and saving life, and resist consciously any unethical and immoral action.


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