The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Marlow, an ordinary sailor with idealistic dreams, goes on a dark yet fascinating journey as a newly hired riverboat captain, traveling up the Congo River, seeking out the legendary chief of the Belgium trading company. When describing typical sites and events situated in the Congo, Joseph Conrad wrote "The Heart of Darkness" in a first person's view, with Marlow as the highlight character. As he writes on about Marlow's experiences, he portrays typical issues set in the time period of the late 1800's, such as slavery, trading and imperialism. He emphasizes these events using pensive, pessimistic phrases throughout Marlow's train of thoughts. As Marlow travels up the river to a specific trading station where Kurtz, the chief, is located, he encounters troubling difficulties including the attack of the angry colonized locals, disturbing settings of slavery and suffering, having to repair his broken down steamboat, and unfortunate deaths, including the very own, Kurtz. He then ends up back in Europe after being extremely ill, having to tell Kurt's fiancé the horrible news of his death. Although Joseph Conrad shows the darker side of the world, he throws in different messages in various places in the book, making the reader experience the emotions of Marlow during his adventure and his portrayals of the different characters, which are typically found in such a time period of imperialism. Throughout the book, the reader understands what Marlow is feeling, seeing, or hearing when issued at different places around the Amazon River. Marlow is the storyteller of ... ... middle of paper ... ... The Heart of Darkness is a book showing Marlow's experiences in a foreign country, while being historically accurate. It also mainly shows the dark history of colonization and its effects of it, including slavery and such depression. It is an interesting yet symbolic book, filled with Marlow's great deep thoughts, and philosophies. It really makes one ponder about different events, of such dark times. Joseph Conrad has successfully passed on his message about the darkness of the typical issues of slavery, European imperialism, and the sufferings of those times. Sources: • •

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