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For this semester I have chosen to address the issue of the United States healthcare system. My tentative thesis for the Researched Position paper is “The United States federal government should implement a single-payer government ran healthcare system.” In this particular essay, I intend to present a concise, organized argument that this thesis is sound and important. The main topic is a universal topic for many people; thus I will be able to address great swathes of Americans while remaining focused on national legislators, my core audience. While this topic is controversial, I believe that I can present a valid and convincing argument. The current American healthcare debate is most likely something you have previous exposure. From the consumer–driven High Deductible concept to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), Americans have engaged in heated discussions of the future and present direction of healthcare in the USA. The deadline for health coverage in 2014 is approaching and yet the debate continues as strong as ever. While celebrities and politicians battle in mass and social media, the common man is left ignorant of the ACA’s basic components. Overall, it is self-evident that this debate remains a major component of national discourse in the United States. (A summary of the article: You personally should care about this debate because of the national and international importance of this issue. Regardless of whether you are a U.S. citizen or on a student visa, you most likely have received US developed treatments as the US currently makes up 44% of medical research expenditure ( ... middle of paper ... ...t with difficulties in maintaining a professional demeanor because of the various extreme viewpoints, but I believe that adding a secondary structure gives me the opportunity to express more arguments in a concise fashion. To summarize: ● I wish to write my essay on the topic that the U.S. should transition to a single-payer system immediately. ● This issue is important because it affects a great deal of Americans. ● I am aware of the political minefield surrounding this issue and am planning to proceed carefully. ● While this essay is relevant to any adult American, the audience that I will focus on is the Right Wing politicians to ensure pointed clarity. ● I am going to have 6 sections: Introduction, Explanation, Moral Call, Logic Call, Financial Call, and a concluding all-encompassing conclusion. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Trent Murray

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