The Health of Americans: Organic Farming

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The health of Americans has been on a gradual decline, and without any new changes to our food and habits, our health may continue to slowly become worse. With the introduction of processed foods and chemical additives, Americans and people alike have developed diseases associated with the consumption of these foods. In order to escape the gradual death of these diseases, people need to eat organic foods with far greater nutritional quality, than that of highly processed foods. To start the massive overhaul, society needs to adapt to new ways they obtain their food. Organic farming produces foods without the use of any pesticides or any processed feed for the animal's consumption. It also helps to sustain our environment, along with it's biodiversity and agriculture. With a steady rise of organic farms, organic produce, and positive changes to the foods we eat, our health will see progressive improvements.

The benefit of organic farming is that organic food typically contains a lot more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins than processed products and animals that are force-fed hormones and antibiotics. Nowadays, Americans lack certain nutrients that should typically come from the food they eat, but instead, they receive their vital supply of nutrients and vitamins from supplements. To avoid starting any supplement regiment, Americans should start eating organic food. Not only does organic produce provide more nutrients, it also tastes better than ordinary produce. Organic produce does tastes exceptionally better than ordinary supermarket produce because of the remarkable amounts of nutrients they contain. From personal experience, I can safely say that organic produce tastes better than regular produce. I was given an assignment t...

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